Hi there!

My name is Eddy, 

I am an Entreprenuer who has a love for experience design and building products from concept to delivery.

Some of my proudest accomplishments include:


  1. Winning a National Award and having my painting displayed at the Library of Congress.

  2. Building and launching a successful Kickstarter Campaign raising over 1000+ Customers with my co-founder.

  3. Honing my design chops over the course of 7 years building the world's first true fitness game and shipping prototypes to beta.

Thank You for visiting my portfolio, feel free to reach out to me at designeddyang@gmail.com to chat about life or brainstorm over a Skype Call. It's on me!

Web and Mobile Work

These are some sample works from when I freelanced and practiced as a budding digital product designer.

UI/UX Design

Packaging Evolution

Exantra delivers a physical product so I 

sought out serveral iterations of concept package designs to house the wearable and its accessories.

Packaging Design

Designing for Wearables

The Titan Link experience has been revised over and over again to have arrived at it's first prototype. I led the User experience and aesthetic direction of the wearable.

Wearable Design

Hybrid Mobile Game

The mobile experience is truly a hybrid one. One that brings exercise and gaming together. I was the one of the lead producers behind the Exantra app.

UI/UX Design, Entrepreneurship

Projecting Reviews

Projecting reviews can arm a business with knowledge that brings clarity and momentum during unexpected times.

Business Strategy