Everyone's Kickstarter journey differs but Kickstarter is all or nothing platform; meaning, if I don't make my funding goal I walk away with nothing.

Just because a Kickstarter does not succeed, it does not mean it was for nothing but it means you should go back to the drawing board and restrategize. 

Personally, I have yet to succeed at reaching a Kickstarter funding goal, but once I made it to my 4th campaign attempt I learned that success stories almost always have a big marketing budget.

Follow me through my journey of launching a well prepped attempt at Kickstarter and garner wisdom from my past attempts.

A. Storyboarding

12.10 Storyboarding for Problem and Solution

12.6 Storyboarding for Video / Meeting the Videographers

12.16 Writing the Script

Preparing the Flow and Big Vision

"Let's have a little Morgan Freeman voice over, an alter ego theme and Sci-fi fx."
"Haha, that could work."

Space Briefing for Cinematographer

B. Magic Show

12.1 Scouting Development Firms

12.2 Industrial Designer 

12.2 Essential Hires

12.1 Early Wearable Designs

"Software hiring would kill our money early on."
"Agreed. It's a never-ending black hole."
"Where could we find funding for a hardware team?"
"The cost would depend on the fidelity of the prototype."
"We need some high quality images for the campaign."
"I'll hit up my friend Eric. He might be able to help us with that."

Dwindling down the early hires

We knew we needed just barely enough of physical product to put on a convincing show. We just did not have the money to show a full stacked product.

Hiring an industrial designer was number one. Getting process pictures of the hardware development process would show evidence that we were more legitimate and that an actual prototype was in the works.

Catching Up Our Industrial Designer 

Our Industrial Designer was officially on board and he needed some contextual understanding of use cases and functionality of the Titan Brace.

Preparing the Flow and Big Vision


B. Marketing

Strategizing for Instagram

Consideration for Facebook Marketing

Email to Potential Fans and Champions


A. Execution

Instagram for 35 Days

Filming the Footage

Editing the Footage

B. Staying on Course

Getting Help from Marketing Teams

Getting Camapign Feedback from Friends