Product Direction: Projecting Reviews for your own product.

Having a Vision for your product is important. It is what drives direction. One day I arrived at the epiphany to try writing google play and Amazon reviews that forecast customer feedback I desire to see in the future written about the Titan Link.

Taking in Competition

Hardware Reviews

Top Reviews

App Reviews

I have to be brutal and honest about my product and steer away from Forcefield optimism. After getting a sense of customers what are looking for in a wearable, it was time to write reviews for Exantra: one dissatisfactory and one satisfactory. 


My intention is to allow these ratings to be  a compass for Exantra's customer happiness.

Project the worst ones upon thyself.

I've gotten a good sense of what's to come from the google play reviews. Never assume that my wearable is free from these future reviews. 

Let's look at the amazon reviews.

It's easy to flip the reviews and write some good things under the five star column.

These criteria will guide the must-haves that come first for my shippable v1.0.

Write as Subjectively as Possible in Multiple Personas.

I would highly recommend every product owner to project the reviews he/she will receive once his/her product is in the hands of their users.


This will not only validate or unvalidate weaknesses and strengths you assumed you would have but also help you emotionally detach from the product and see the reviews objectively.